Booking a Live Wedding Band – Brief Guide

Booking a Live Wedding Band – Brief Guide

If you are looking at booking a live wedding band for your wedding, we believe that’s a great decision! Entertaining your guests on your special day is a great way to celebrate after all the formalities of the day. The RockPins have been entertaining in the wedding industry for over a decade and hope we can give some useful advice to help your wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

Booking a Live Wedding Band - Brief Guide

What are your top 3 tips for anyone choosing a wedding party band?

There are so many bands popping up online all the time, so it can be thoroughly overwhelming when trying to pin down a decent outfit. We’ve got loads of tips for this, so coming up with the top 3 is pretty hard!

What are your top 3 tips for anyone choosing a wedding party band?See the band play live:

See them play live if possible or speak to the venues where they are Preferred Supplier (if applicable) to get an honest opinion of their business. So many times we’ve heard of couples seeing a website, liking the videos / audio demos, then going to see them play live and being disappointed by something completely different / inferior. If the band is a 3 piece eg drums, bass, guitar with male vocals, you should start to wonder if in the recording you can hear female backing vocals, keyboards and several guitars. It can’t possibly represent what they sound like! There are many out there doing it! (The RockPins have live GoPro footage from weddings we’ve performed at).

Don’t just think about the music you like when choosing a band: Yes it’s your wedding day, and of course you have to like the music the band can play. But you don’t have to like all the music. There will probably be another 80 to 120 other people with varying music tastes as well to consider. So choose a band with a varied set list covering a number of genres and eras. And from our experience, the bride and groom get attention all night from their friends and family, so half the time are off chatting with Great Aunty Ethel and 2nd cousin Bob!

Don’t Hire a DJ: If you are hiring a decent band, they should already have decent sound and lighting equipment. Unless you are desperately keen to have a ‘DJ’ standing there mixing songs and shouting ‘whoop whoop’ all night, you shouldn’t need one. On the very rare occasion that The RockPins have been booked alongside a DJ, we have always had superior PA system and lighting. It is one less thing for you to think about and mean you don’t have to worry about 2 lots of speakers / lights being set up in the room.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when choosing their wedding party band?

Leaving it too late to book! The amount of enquiries we get a month or 2 in advance of a wedding when we are already booked up. Good bands will get hired up to 2 years in advance. So make sure you consider this early in your wedding planning.

What's the biggest mistake people make when choosing their wedding party band?
What’s the best or most unique thing about your service / band?

The RockPins formed over a decade ago, so we know what we’re doing and are a known entity within the wedding industry. So many bands pop up online for a few months and then disappear. We are also Preferred Supplier at a number of prestigious wedding venues. We’ve entertained at hundreds of wedding receptions, having performed at over 150 wedding venues. Alongside over 2 hours of live music, we provide a comprehensive disco along with excellent disco lighting far exceeding any set up we’ve come across since entering this industry. We also perform a public gig once a month to give prospective clients a chance to come and see us play live.

What's the best or most unique thing about your service : band?

Any final thoughts…?

As with anything, you get what you pay for. Don’t be surprised to pay upwards of £1000 for a good band.

Remember what your wedding day is about. A celebration of the coming together of 2 people and their families / friends. The evening is a large part of the day. Most wedding breakfasts are finished by 6.30pm so there is still a big chunk of the day left which can be filled with a great party until home time so remember this when weighing up the cost.

Before you book a venue, make sure they can accommodate a live band. Many venues have sound limiters / disgruntled neighbours meaning the volume has to be restricted (some limiters are more sensitive than others) and also, live music might have to finish earlier than you’d hoped due to the restrictions.

Try and book a band directly:

In our experience, most agencies know nothing more about the band than you do! In other words, they are relying on the online presence; website, social media and maybe a couple of emails / calls with the band manager. We’ve only ever auditioned for one agency before they booked us out to clients. All other agencies that we’ve dealt with have only liaised via email / phone which is no more than you can do. Then they charge a commission on top of the bands’ fee which bumps the price up! Also, some agencies are actually creating website for ‘bands’ and then booking them out. One of our guitarists did a dep gig with one of these bands. It was a wedding. When he arrived at the gig, none of the other 3 members of the band had ever met each other! It was just a bunch of musicians thrown together by an agency. Not what we would call appropriate or fair for the client on their wedding day. Having said that, there are good agencies out there Just make sure you do your homework if you are going via an agency to see what their relationship is with the band, and ask to speak with the band members / see them play live before booking.

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