wedding ideas

wedding ideas

Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ideas

So you’re getting married! Congratulations! this is going to be one of the biggest celebrations of your life….So celebrate!! There are so many blogs, websites, magazines, social media hashtags for wedding ideas. We thought we’d give you a little bit of the knowledge we’ve gained over the years as an Award Winning wedding supplier. We’ve played at over 150 wedding venues, many on repeat occasion. And we’ve played at many hundreds of weddings now.


Wedding Entertainment

Having attended many wedding shows over the years, we have found that many couples out looking for wedding ideas, aren’t looking to be entertained, or at least ‘haven’t thought about it’ even though they’ve already booked their venue, cake, photographer, chair and table dressings etc. Granted, the most important and first thing on the list should be the venue. BUT, if you haven’t even thought about entertainment 6 months after booking your venue, how do you know if they can even accommodate live music or even a DJ? With the advent of sound limiters and disgruntled neighbours, many venues are restricted on what they are allowed, so make sure this is one of your questions when looking at venues; Can I have live music / a DJ? What time does does the music have to stop?


How Important is Entertainment at My Wedding?

Without wanting to sound biased – ITS VERY IMPORTANT! This is probably the biggest celebration  / most important event of your life to date. You have invited your friends and relatives from far and wide to ‘celebrate’ your special day. You get married (45 minutes) you have your wedding breakfast and speeches (couple of hours), then from 6pm onwards there is a huge void to fill to the end of the night. Now you could go down the road of hiring a DJ to play some pre-recorded MP3’s with a few flashing lights (no one would resent you for it) or you could hire a live band; yes, the people playing the music are real, alive and able to interact with you! As good as Ed Sheeran might be, you are not going to remember him playing at your wedding if its just a case of his MP3 being put next on the playlist after a bit of Aunties favourite Abba song. You simply can’t beat good live music. Yes, there is an emphasis on the good – so make sure you see any band you are interested in play live if possible (Approximately 50% of all our clients come and see us live before booking). Look at our Client Feedback page to see how important live music has been to our wedding couples.

live wedding bands for hire

More Wedding Ideas

Photos! So we’ve talked about live Music and obviously getting the venue booked. Who’s doing your photography? Got your cousin doing it who dabbles in a bit of wildlife photography at the weekends taking photos of sunsets and close ups of dafodils in the Spring? Well, nice of him to offer, but do you really want to be looking at dodgy photos for the rest of your life, showing them to your grandchildren in decades to come. As with Live Music, as with venues, you get what you pay for! There are thousands of ‘wedding photographers’ out there. Do your research, read the testimonials and speak with other wedding suppliers about who they would recommend.

Wedding Fun: Casino / Photobooth, Magician:

All great add-ons if you’ve got some spare cash at the end of your planning. We’ve seen a lot of photo-booths at wedding receptions over the years and they do tend to get good attention from the guests – better for the younger weddings.

Wedding Food

Your guests might have taken a day / couple of days off work, travelled long distances, spent a lot of money on clothes / your gifts. The least you can do is feed them properly. Food, good food and enough of it is so important at a wedding. It is a long day and all your guests will rightly expect to be fed and fed well. This usually includes the wedding breakfast and a decent buffet in the evening. This format makes up 99% of weddings we’ve been at. Everybody is hungry at a wedding. The ones we remember are the ones with the good food!

Wedding Suppliers

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, there are so many sources to get information on wedding suppliers; magazines, websites, other blogs, online adverts etc etc. Our best tip is to speak with the wedding venues you are interested in, and ask who their preferred suppliers are. You can tend to meet the preferred suppliers at wedding shows hosted by the venues throughout the year. However, a lot of venues generate revenue by selling a display area to a supplier, who is not preferred. So really dig deep to find out who they actually like using at their venues. (The RockPins are currently Preferred Supplier at 12 leading wedding venues, and this is simply because the venues have seen how happy their clients are).

The RockPins – Live Wedding Band

If you are looking to hire a band for your wedding reception / corporate event or any other party, please give The RockPins Live Wedding Band consideration to entertain you and your guests with over 2 hours of live music plus a superb disco to cover all the breaks, giving you music throughout out the night.

The RockPins have been entertaining for many years now (10!) and we’ve had the pleasure of performing at hundreds of wedding receptions and corporate events from small gardens to castles, ships, and famous venues such as the Gherkin, Vinopolis, Grosvenor House, Leeds Castle, Hever Castle, Lympne Castle, The Mayfair, the Millenium, Savoy and many, many more…

We hope these few wedding ideas and tips help you for your wedding. If you would like further information on The RockPins, or would like to know about one of the venues we’ve played (See VENUES PLAYED), feel free to get in touch with Matt on: 07832 343 772 / Email: or fill out the CONTACT FORM.